About Steer Physiotherapy

To guide or lead; provide direction.

An ox, also known as a bull; from the bovine family; purposed for the needs and service of others.

Steer Physiotherapy was inspired by my passion for rural health care. It was birthed out of my desire to see rural communities connected to high quality, locally delivered, evidence based health care services and support. I developed this passion during my undergraduate studies, having had the opportunity to spend my final year of study at the University of Newcastle Department of Rural Health in Tamworth, NSW. It was during this time that I saw firsthand the many challenges rural communities face in accessing local allied health services, often resulting in delayed access to treatments. Out of this, a dream was realised to contribute excellence to rural health care.

At Steer Physiotherapy, we seek to provide the rural communities we serve with individually tailored health care that supports the physical health and well-being of its members. We aim to meet the unique needs of our clients by providing a personalised approach to their treatment and rehabilitation, empowering them to strengthen their bodies and actualise their personal health goals. We work to serve our communities with compassion and understanding, connecting with its members and tailoring our approach to best support their particular needs.

Adrienne Bull
Principal Physiotherapist