Physiotherapy Services

NDIS Packages

NDIS Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services North Arm Cove

Steer Physiotherapy is an NDIS provider, supporting individuals with a disability to improve function, increase independence, achieve personal goals and manage pain. Some common conditions we assist clients in managing include physical, genetic and neurological. By increasing their strength and improving their gross and fine motor skills, we can support our client’s functional capacity and help them with the tasks of daily living. For our younger clients, Steer works alongside them and their families to support them in meeting their developmental milestones, including mobility, balance and coordination.

Setting up your Rehabilitation Plan

As part of your initial consultation we will conduct a thorough assessment, discuss treatment goals and set up a rehabilitation plan, which will all be used in the development of your service agreement. The associated costs and frequency of the services provided by Steer will be outlined in this agreement and will be provided to you and your plan manager if you are under the care of a service provider.